Developing People

Exponant is actively developing people for the SharePoint industry

Anyone who has worked in our industry and had to find SharePoint developers will know that great dev people in this environment are rare enough to make recruiting them a very expensive exercise.

We have launched an Exponant SharePoint skills development programme (ESSDP) to develop these skills as well as mentor new people into the industry.

There are two sides to the ESSDP; a learnership and an internship.

The learnership meets a specific NQF level which is set to SETA’s Workskills Development plan. The learners follow the Systems development stream. They are taught to communicate effectively with both IT and business and understand the role of technology in a business context and can address business problems with appropriate IT solutions.

Students who have completed an IT related tertiary qualification are selected for this programme and given both soft skills in office etiquette, work ethics and life skills, user tools such as Word Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and technical training in systems development. This addresses the problems of the past where newly qualified people struggle to get into the industry because they don’t have practical experience.

Upon completion of the course the students have the opportunity to enter into an Internship programme.
On this programme the interns are contracted for two years while they are trained up to be fully fledged SharePoint developers and administrators with Microsoft Certifications and practical experience on site at clients.

Naturally the ESSDP in compliance with the Equity Act and B-BBEE legislation, but Exponant also recognises that a shortage of skills in this area is a threat to our business. By training up people in the way we conduct business, we are ensured of a pool of employees who are ethical as well as innovative and really know what they are doing in the SharePoint space.