Engagement Models.

Merging strengths to form partnerships with our clients

Our engagement models.

Instead of a service provider relationship, we believe in the added value of synergy through the merging of strengths to form partnerships with our clients.

This allows both parties to form a stronger base from which to increase and maintain service levels.

Through the partnership, we offer services as a preferred supplier or in an outsource capacity and ensure a higher level of commitment, continuity and understanding of each other’s businesses and opportunities.

Once this has been achieved we believe true value has been gained from the IT investment.
We have several engagement models depending on our client’s requirements.
Service level agreement.
Time and material.

Exponant takes full responsibility for the software development lifecycle, including the overall project management, business analysis, systems architecture, design, development, testing, training, change management and handover to the client internal support staff.

Exponant offers support services, which include
hosting, first, second and third line support. For Microsoft clients, Exponant leverages on the Microsoft 24/7/365 support services.

Exponant provides highly skilled resources over short or long-term periods.

Exponant provides highly-skilled ICT skills on a time and material basis.

Ensuring quality delivery.

Exponant’s approach to project staffing is to ensure that we strike a balance between hands-on involvement of the client personnel and our consultants.

This helps us and the client to attain the following:

  • Effective communication and transfer of the necessary understanding of business requirements between the client and the consultants;
  • Empowered client personnel with intimate knowledge of the new systems/processes through direct involvement in the implementation thereof;
  • Facilitated ownership of the change process by client personnel even at the lower ranks (where major resistance typically exists and thus maximize the probability of success and return on investment; and
  • Access to specialised skills without having to employ them full-time.
Exponant recommends a programme structure that comprises of Project Management, Solution Management, Training, Business Workstream, and Technical Workstream. We also believe in incorporating Operational Experience to guide the suitability of the solution.
About Exponant.

We are an integrated ICT solutions provider that uses leading technologies to deliver sustainable value to corporate and public sector organisations.

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