Microsoft 365

Achieve More Together

Achieve More Together
  • Create great work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Meet Cortana, your new digital personal assistant;
  • Connect with customers, co-workers and suppliers; and
  • Bring together everything your team needs, in one place.


Anywhere It Matters

Anywhere It Matters
  • Work together with coworkers, from anywhere;
  • Stay engaged with your teams, from your favourite device;
  • No WiFi, No Problem. Edit offline and sync later; and
  • Take your work with you, with secure cloud storage.

Always-On Security

Always-On Security
  • Help protect against security threats;
  • Safeguard company data across PCs, phones & tablets;
  • Enable solid security, with simplified management; and
  • Get the latest Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 updates.

Simplified For Business

Simplified for business
  • Manage users & devices with a single console;
  • Simplify with a single login for all devices; and
  • Quickly setup new employees to get them going.

For detailed info on our Microsoft 365 Packages

To complete your Microsoft 365 Requirements,
Exponant recommends the following 3rd Party Applications

  • SYNAQ Secure Mail (Download Datasheet)
  • SignFlow Digital Signature’s
  • Exponant Cloud Management

Our expertise + Microsoft 365

We’re the expert in cloud deployment…

  • Assessments and Migrations;
  • Identity, Collaboration, Communication, Hybrid, etc; and
  • Security, Security & Security.

We can help you integrate your…

  • Business Processes and systems;
  • Security, identity; and
  • Cloud infrastructure.

We can manage your security operations
remotely so you don’t have to…

  • Provide excellent end-user experience;
  • Protect data, information and documents; and
  • Manage and monitor mobile and PC devices.


Solution Centres South Africa

ARCHIBUS Solution Centres South Africa have deployed Microsoft 365 productivity tools to build an agile, flexible, and collaborative ecosystem of ARCHIBUS teams and partners to accelerate innovation and development.

“Since moving to Microsoft 365, we have not had to worry about the technology. This has enabled us to increase our focus on offering a comprehensive portfolio of run-anywhere applications to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Microsoft 365 was easy to adopt. Everyone at ARCHIBUS uses it; productivity has gone up and employees have increased their contribution to the company, regardless of where they are working or what device they are using.

All our employees are ‘heavy users’ of the 365 office apps including Excel, PowerPoint and Word, accessing their files anytime, anywhere.”

Leon Truter

Chief Operational Officer, ARCHIBUS

ARCHIBUS Solution Centres South Africa have deployed Microsoft 365 productivity tools

How Microsoft 365 solves real-world business problems

Email, schedule, meet, and chat

Employees stay connected and in sync with co-workers and customers wherever they are by email, phone, online meetings and IM.

The email is professional looking, powered by Microsoft Exchange to facilitate collaboration to keep in sync with customers and co-workers, 24/7.

Audio and video conferencing can be added to a new or existing meeting with one click using Outlook with Teams integration.

Office 365 Groups to give teammates access to a shared inbox, calendar, file repository, and notebook.

Email, schedule, meet, and chat
Create and collaborate

Create and collaborate

Create, share, and co-author Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with co-workers.

Access to the latest version of documents from any favourite devices, anywhere there is an internet connection. OneDrive for Business enables online and offline access and automatic syncing of files to reflect the most recent edits.

SharePoint is an easy drag and drop intranet for documents and files.

Stay a step ahead

Personal digital assistant Cortana makes life easier by helping to handle crucial tasks and get things done.

Cortana inspires confidence and assists teams be as efficient and effective as possible in tandem with Delve, the Office 365 app that enables co-workers to find the latest files that were shared with them within the organisation.

Stay a step ahead
Turn thoughts into action

Turn thoughts into action

Interact with devices in new ways – employees can choose from voice, digital pen, touch, gesture, Windows Ink, or Microsoft Edge to turn thoughts into actions in the way that feels and works best for them.

They start fast, stay focused and finish first with new tools to keep them productive including Start Menu, Live Tiles, Virtual Desktop, Snap Assist, Tablet Mode.

Productivity on the go

Productivity tools enable employees to work across all favourite devices. (including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).

OneDrive for Business is an important mechanism for to creating, accessing and editing documents whenever employees need them.

Productivity on the go
Sync files automatically and work offline

Sync files automatically and work offline

Employees can access and edit documents offline; when back online updated files sync automatically. Employees pick up where they left off on a document when switching devices.

Work together anywhere

Access emails, contacts, and calendars across devices even when offline with Outlook to stay connected to customers or co-workers.

Connect with customers and co-workers using Teams to instant message to answer quick questions, or host or join an online call or video meeting from a favourite device. Easily present, share and collaborate on documents (or a virtual whiteboard) within the meeting space.

Outlook Groups and Microsoft Teams are also available any time online to help teams work together collaboratively wherever, whenever.

Work together anywhere
Security that travels

Security that travels

Protect data and devices against malware, malicious attacks and device loss or theft.

BitLocker, BitLocker to Go, and Windows Information Protection help protect business data on mobile devices by ensuring all business data is encrypted and accessible only by authorised users.

Further protect Windows 10 devices from unauthorised access using Windows Hello multi-factor authentication to strengthen users’ device credentials.

Perform a remote Selective Wipe of company data easily on lost or stolen devices.

Reduce security risks

Centralise control of company data on personal devices.

Reduce the risk profile with security features for SMB customers.

Apply a consistent security configuration profile, across managed devices.

Establish a baseline of security policies across managed devices.

Configure devices consistently to help ensure that data and devices are protected from malware and external threats.

Reduce security risks
Help protect devices, data, and people

Help protect devices, data, and people

Know that lost or stolen devices are protected with Windows 10 built-in encryption capabilities like BitLocker and BitLocker to Go.

Help prevent accidental data leaks by securely separating business information from personal information with Windows Information Protection and perform a remote Selective Wipe of business data on demand while leaving personal data untouched.

Make sure employees always have access to files while confining company information to Office apps, using App Protection for Office mobile apps capabilities for personal iOS, and Android devices.

Make accessing Windows 10 devices more convenient, simple, and secure by using Windows Hello biometric authentication2 to unlock devices with a look or a touch.

Help make sure that devices boot securely and that only trusted software can run during start-up with Windows Trusted Boot used in combination with the PC industry hardware standard, UEFI Secure Boot.

Enforce Windows Defender to always be on from within the admin console.

Get up and running fast

Save time by easily configuring security features and settings on Windows 10 devices with Mobile Device Management, fully automating Windows installation with Windows AutoPilot, and enabling or disabling Windows Store or Cortana on company-owned devices with Enhanced Manageability.

Reduce hardware costs and simplify management by running multiple operating systems on one Windows device as virtual machines (VMs) with Client Hyper-V.

Deploying and managing “Microsoft 365” is straightforward – advanced IT expertise is required to set up new devices with all the Office apps your employees need. Add and remove users in minutes, and call if you need support.

Get up and running fast

Stay up to date

Keep devices up to date with the latest security updates and feature innovations, at a convenient pace, with Windows Update for Business. Ensure minimal disruptions for specialised, mission-critical business devices with deferred updates.

Avoid time consuming wipe and reload processes and get users and devices up and running quickly with seamless upgrades from Windows Pro 7 or 8 to Windows 10 Pro.

As a cloud-based solution, Office 365 is consistently, automatically updated with new features and capabilities to ensure you’re always working with the latest productivity tools.