Sage Payroll software for your company

An effective payroll software system saves time and effort when executing the daily functions of payroll management.  Not all payroll systems are created equal so it’s a good idea to look at what is most appropriate within your business. Exponant is a Sage Partner with a deep and robust understanding of the Finance and Operations process; we recommend Sage 300 Payroll for the following reasons:

Sage 300 Payroll is user friendly

Even though you may be tech savvy, your core business processes surrounding your payroll function are predominantly finance and HR oriented, not IT. Learning a new payroll system can be time-consuming. By ensuring that your system is easy to use, you ensure traction and adoption.

Exponant provides end-to-end support 

You are likely to need a technical support service for the payroll system you choose. Exponant has a reputation for reliability, consistency, technical prowess, subject matter insight and a good track record in the industry. Our customer service and support teams are helpful and easy to get in contact with.

Request a demo and trial the Sage 300 Payroll system

In order to prove to you that the interface is user friendly and customer service impeccable we will happily demo the software and let you have a free trial.

Sage Payroll is always up to date and legislatively compliant

Aside for standard payroll laws, depending the kind of business you run, you will need software that complies with the latest South African legislation, accounting practice norms and sector requirements. Exponant has many clients across a variety of industries and we are used to getting to understand the legislative environment that you operate in and configuring your payroll system for compliance.

Accessible anytime anywhere off multiple devices

Sage 300 Payroll runs applications and stores data remotely, in the cloud, so that you can access your payroll service from any device via the internet. As a cloud service specialist, we will ensure that you won’t need to worry about storage space, upgrades or backups. With Sage Payroll, continuous tax bands and legislation updates are also automatically applied.

Additionally, the cloud eliminates the need for paper payslips and manual transfers, as all transaction can be made electronically.

Exponant is also well versed in the prevention of cybercrime and able to ensure secure cloud storage.

Exponant will ensure that your payroll is fit for purpose through business analysis and Integration

We will investigate the kinds of reports do you usually make, or would like to make and ensure that your payroll system delivers. If you report across different departments or integrate your software with other systems such as HR, we have all the analytical experience you require.

Safety and privacy are paramount

Payroll information is confidential, it needs to protect both business and employee details. Sage 300 Payroll has the technology and measures to keep your data safe. Sage Payroll also enables compliance with new POPI Act requirements.

Necessary features

Exponant has a deep understanding of the features that will enable you to offer your employees benefits, flexible packages or bonuses. We will assist you to select any features you may need to add on while optimising your value for money.

Payment structure

How often you pay employees and how every employee gets paid is worth taking into consideration. If you are paying staff in a mix of hourly pay, salaried staff or commission then VIP Payroll allows you to process wages in multiple formats.

Monthly Fee or Annual Subscription 

The cost of payroll software depends on both the service you choose and the needs of the business. Usually, services have a base cost and then increase depending on different modules you need, so be sure to know what you really want beforehand. Exponant is a mature, experienced service provider, we will understand your business and requirements and be able to advise you too.

It’s also relevant to keep in mind how your company will grow, how the wage structure is amongst the number of employees and also many starters and leavers who will need to be included in year-end reports. This may impact on the nature of your licensing agreement when it comes to ensuring the flexibility of paying for only what you use, maybe you want the price benefit of annual licence or the cashflow advantages of going with a monthly subscription.

Payroll no longer has to be a stressful, time-consuming task, today it can be a much simpler organised process when you choose the perfect technology to suit your business.

Sage 300 Payroll maintains a high level of focus, keen understanding and in-depth knowledge of the payroll and HR industry which enables them to provide relevant and pragmatic payroll solutions which can be tailored to fit every need regardless of the size of the business.

For the past 25 years Sage has remained at the forefront of payroll and HR legislative changes and continues to provide the market with the latest technology incorporating these changes. This allows our clients to comply with the tax and legal requirements set out by SARS and the Department of Labour.

Exponant is a Platinum Sage Partner, providing clients with Sage200, Intacct and Payroll solutions.

We are a B-BBEE level 1 company and have been around for over twenty years and most of our clients have been with us since we first engaged.

If you would like more information or a Sage VIP Payroll demonstration, please contact Kate Elphick on or visit our website here.

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