Given the growth in security concerns and cybercrime entering our workspace, Exponant has ramped up its security offering by partnering with SYNAQ.

David Jacobson (CEO at SYNAQ) had the following to say “The rise of hacking, malware, phishing and scamming online has consequently led to a rise in the general awareness of the need for email security. Due to the potentially detrimental outcomes of cyber breaches, business is prepared to pay a premium for such security. Many SMEs & SOEs are seeking multi-layered approaches to secure their environments. SYNAQ provides a holistic Software as a Service solution, that fits the requirements of these clients, whilst being scalable for growth.

SYNAQ is a reseller focused company that delivers on scalability through channel. Exponant has a large existing client-base and are looking to diversify their market share. The fact that both SYNAQ and Exponant are proud South African businesses creates an added alignment. SYNAQ is a market leader and offers a globally competitive product which was a big drawcard for Exponant as they were doing their market research. We trust that through this partnership we will extend our reach into the SADC region and greater Africa.

Collaborating with Exponant, a level 1 BBBEE company, will hopefully unlock a lot of business opportunities on the road ahead”. “Exponant has developed a holistic approach to Security, Risk and Governance” says Ashley Pillay (CEO at Exponant). “We understand that you cannot solve big challenges with a single modality. We need to look at people’s behaviour, training and legislative compliance, for example with the POPI Act. We wanted to incorporate a holistic Software and Service solution and SYNAQ understood these challenges especially in the South African market, the best.”

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