About Marketing2the Max

Marketing2theMax is a growing above- and below-the-line agency founded in 2009 that helps brands achieve their potential through marketing strategies, concept and design, promotions and branding.

The Problem

Marketing2theMax was in the process of migrating to O365 but were wary of security after receiving a fraudulent email instructing their accounts department to pay a malicious invoice. The spoofed mail caused alarm, especially since growth would likely invite more attacks and working remotely added to the security risks.

Exponant’s recommendation

Marketing2theMax was looking for a local solution that could offer quick support. Their IT provider, Exponant, a SYNAQ partner, recommended a multi-layered approach to security and suggested SYNAQ’s budget-friendly offering. SYNAQ could seamlessly integrate with their O365 environment and a branding tool is bundled with security. It is imperative for a marketing and advertising agency to have properly branded emails. 

The Solution

Marketing2theMax opted for Securemail Premium, SYNAQ’s most comprehensive security package. It includes advanced spam detection and virus prevention, Identity Threat Protection (ITP) to prevent phishing, Data Leak Prevention (DLP) to prevent sensitive information from leaving the business illicitly, LinkShield to protect users from dangerous links contained in emails and Branding


Exponant’s implementation process was completely seamless and Marketing2theMax was very happy. They found the back-end platform to be user-friendly and training also proved helpful.


Marketing2theMax reports that spam has been stopped and they enjoy having an overview of their mail environment in real time. They did need to change the size of their mailbox, but were able to do so with minimal hassle.

About Synaq

SYNAQ is a South African email technology company that produces one of the toughest cloud-based messaging infrastructures available today. Since 2004, SYNAQ’s flexible solutions have processed billions of emails while providing adaptive security against South African-centric mail-borne threats in a way that international offerings cannot match. Because it resides in the cloud, companies can quickly and seamlessly plug into the SYNAQ messaging platform to experience feature-rich messaging, security, archiving, branding and continuity.