After the pandemic, a hybrid workplace model is starting to emerge as a logical way forward in terms of productivity, collaboration, innovation, employee engagement and most of all, financially.

Traditionally Exponant has supplied and managed Integrated Workplace Management Solutions and we are now extending our services to providing a physical workplace.

7 reasons to use Exponant’s Rent a Desk service

There are a multitude of reasons for using Rent a Desk that could benefit your company’s balance sheet or even build longevity into your enterprise. Here are the top ones:

  1. Rapid deployment of your new workspace

Rent a Desk enables instant office set-up.

There’s no disruption to your business operations nor income streams because we have pre-existing and fully functional, serviced workspaces in place and immediately available.

Our options are adaptable and can easily be re-aligned to suit your business requirements. This provides agility when you need to move quickly.

  1. Transparent, managed business expenses

Our clients are charged an all-inclusive rate for the use of the workspace, including a range of support services like fast internet connectivity, reception, cleaning, secure parking and so on.

Monthly expenses for the basic operation of your business are established on signature of the lease and they are set for the full rental term or flexible, as used.

All security, building insurance, maintenance, cleaning services and office refurbishments are covered by Exponant. The only variable costs are telephone, printing and catering.

  1. Agility and adaptability

By having the freedom to up- or down-grade to more suitable turnkey work environments located within our premises, you can use your available workspace more efficiently.

Rent a Desk is designed to provide a comfortable, collaborative and comparatively high-density office environment based on the most efficient use of space.

Access to common facilities, such as meeting, testing and boardrooms, kitchens, the coffee shop and chill-out zones, ensures you are only accessing what you need, at decent rental rates.

  1. An ideal meeting place for creative business minds.

Innovation is often a process, not a lightbulb moment. Great ideas develop through research and collaboration. If you are surrounded by professionals with different backgrounds, skills and experience, they can often co-create an idea, or even provide a much-needed reality check.

  1. Happier Employees

Studies are finding that the novelty of working from home is wearing thin. People are essentially social creatures and giving them a shared workspace enables validation and human contact as well as a break from endless online meetings.

  1. Aspirational Business Address

Exponant’s Rent a Desk service is located in the prestigious Oxford Office Park in Highveld Park in Centurion.

This office park has the advantage of being in close proximity to shops, restaurants and most other facilities that the average office worker needs, including a reasonable transport system.

  1. Safer working conditions

Exponant requires all Rent a Desk clients to be fully vaccinated and also runs comprehensive screening at the entrance.

Access control, biometrics and visible security also protects our clients.

Exponant’s Rent a Desk service is the ultimate workspace management solution to manage your changing way of doing business.

For more information or to book your flexible office space, please contact Michelle at Rent a Desk on