Workforce Optimisation.

Better, faster and more effective systems for your business

Only by remaining focused can Exponant ensure we provide the kind of next-level service demanded by their customers. This, of course, is where Managed Outsourced specialist resources comes into the picture. 

Exponant can place a development team on site, to consult with your stakeholders and observe how your workers use existing systems. We can also provide individual developers to supplement your existing team. This allows for a more integrated development cycle, where code can be deployed and tested in a real environment and can be approved or rejected by the people who will eventually be using it.

Exponant provides highly skilled ICT Resources and services over short- or long-term periods across all ICT categories.

Partnering with our clients

Exponant’s approach to project staffing is to ensure that we strike a balance between hands-on involvement of the client’s personnel and our consultants:

This helps both the client and Exponant attain:

  • Effective communication and transfer of the necessary understanding of the business requirements between all participants;
  • Empowered client personnel with an intimate knowledge of the new systems and processes through direct involvement in the implementation thereof;
  • Facilitated ownership of the change process by client personnel, even in the lower ranks (where we typically find the most resistance) and this maximise the probability of success and return on investment; and
  • Access to specialised skills by the client without having to employ them full time.

We recommend a project structure that comprises of Project Management, Business Analysis and Solution Design, Training, Business Processes and Technical Workstreams.

We also believe in incorporating Operational Experience, such as subject matter experts to guide the suitability of the solutions.

About Exponant.

We are an integrated ICT solutions provider that uses leading technologies to deliver sustainable value to corporate and public sector organisations.

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